‘Overpronation’ is a term you see bandied about lot by runners, running writers and running shoe retailers. It is supposed tobe the way in which a running shoe is given to a runner. It is the motion in which the foot rolls inwards at the ankle joint and is supposed to be associated with a lot of running injuries. The more a foot pronates, the more supportive the running shoe is supposed to be.

The only problem with this is that so much nonsense get written about overpronation and everyone is an expert!. Most of those writing about it have such a superficial understanding of it and advocates one size fits all approach to treat it, which is destined to fail. There is no one way to treat it and to advocate one approach over another could be detrimental to the runner. If you have ‘overpronation’ make sure you see someone who knows what they are talking about and read this.

The Toning Shoes for a Tone Up

Toning shoes are shoes that you need for an extra tone up when you are exercising or going for a walk. They are unstable and are supposed to make the muscle work harder to give the tone up. There is some debate if that actually happens or not, but those that use them swear by them.

There are plenty of websites that discuss these shoes in details and what they do and do not do. There is also plenty of discussion available on some of the legal problems that the manufacturers of these shoes are having due to the extraordinary claims that they made for the toning shoes. Despite these issues many people do feel that the shoes are helpful for some of the foot and postural problems that they have. Some people do not like them, but others do.